Groovy Glass Show and Sassy Chickens

Here are some pix of my glass from the Vancouver Island Glass Show, which just happened in Nanaimo on April 23rd....
 so, the 1st 2 pix are from the show...and it was a good show, very well attended...many talented glass artists, and quite a diverse array of glass art!! i think the show has mucho potential to grow and evolve into something quite cool.....the last pic is an image of a brand new bowl!! with long legged sassy chickens....i saw sooooo many chickens in bali, and i loved seeing them running all over.....truly Free Run chicks, which is kind of how i want to operate in the world, especially in my creative practice.....and that is the only kind of eggs i wanna eat!!!....even saw a chicken running through an art museum....really, ya gotta love that.....also, soon to come, well they are already created, just have to post them so you can see them range chicken mixed media pieces!!!! i am really likin' the whole chicken thing, i have had chickens in my glass before ....aaaaaand  i will have some dogs coming into the scene too!!! bow wow!

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