Things I Like # 1 and # 2

WoW!!!! it is now 2012! i am excited to be back in my studio after a little time out doing other's always fun to take a little break and then jump back into i have been cleaning and re-arranging my studio for the next few winter my studio this season is a little bit slower.....and i have more time to play experiment more than usual..... these pieces were done in my house over the holiday season....with the things i love all around me.....hence these 2 pages from my playbook.....they may or may not be finished.....time will tell if i feel the urge to add something....#1 feels a little empty on the left to could be cropped....

i find that i am very influenced by what i see right around me.....and i LOVE drawing with india can't really correct it, so my funky drawings stay just makes it very fun for me....i like splotchy and uneven lines....and then smears of paint to add some colour.....these were done in my mixed media is NOT a sketch book....i really need to create a new easy name for my messy, experimental, experiential mixed media anything goes book.....any ideas are welcome....!!!

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