Egyptian Inspirations

it seems that Egypt has been floating around my consciousness for a while now and it has recently taken full all started when a good friend flew off to Egypt several months ago....well, actually it started earlier than that...i read a fantastic book last year, loaned to me by another good friend (so grateful for my girlfriends!!)....the book was called "The Mistress of Nothing" and it was set in Egypt in the 1800's....

20" dia. egypt bowl

most recently i have had very good customers (more gratitude!) come to my studio to see my newest work and they were looking for something with a bit of a feeling of Egypt....and so it was not much of a leap for me to intentionally head in that direction....i had been primed for it for a while is the 1st bowl in a series of work i am creating for them.....

egypt bowl detail
perhaps someday i will make it there Egypt that is....!!

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