The Adventures of Packing Glass

this flower bouquet is on it's way to montreal to the Shayne Gallery....along with assorted glass bowls and can see a little of the process of packing glass to is my least favourite chore.....this is the one time when i can truly procrastinate....i imagine the ease of packing for textile artists or jewelers, although i am sure they have things i haven't thought of that they contend with ...

 this bouquet is 51" tall so you need big boxes....and you need to create thick walls and lots of padding...especially for a trip that far east......

cricket always like to sit on any paper that gets set on the floor.....even a little bit of  scrap is cute..!!

i am happy to be sending some larger work out there, it is the 1st time for anything this large, although i have been showing and selling my glass there for several years.....  lauren, the owner, really likes the bouquet...i will be sending smaller ones out in the next few weeks also!

what is your shipping process like?

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