I Love Glass

 i was cleaning windows and shelves and generally making space in order to host my 2nd Annual Spring Show and Sale on June 2nd and 3rd and in that process i get to the higher shelves that i rarely touch...and on one of these shelves are my fave old timey jars.....i love the transparent turquoise coloured glass....it is the 1st glass i can remember seeing as a child....old bottles on the prairie.....the colour changed by years of lying in the sun....

this is an image of an old sealer jar of marbles, and an old sealer jar of seashells......

i love glass, it pleases me greatly to see this image...perfect time of day on this shelf!! 

it feels good to clean up and reorganize my studio for the busy summer ahead! 

i wonder what treasures you find when you clean up your creative space? 

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