Blue Trees and Sacred Studio Space

Wowsies! well, I am kind of slow off the start with my blog postings this year.....I guess that goes along with my idea of S L O W I N G down with some real intention this year....

I am working a lot in my studio this month....sometimes January is a slower time in my studio naturally...however this year that is not the case at this is good practice for me to REMEMBER to calm down, slow down and really enjoy the whole process....and I must say that I am remembering  this intention much more often!

I am finally learning to "kiss the earth with my feet" other words, to feel my connection to ALL as I move through my days and nights....

these pix show a work in progress, for an architectural commission....more to come on this one....I am loving it.

I am also creating a new altar/sacred space in my beloved studio....a dedicated space to breathe and remember what is real, what it's all about.....

fused glass panels before firing

close-up detail of flower before firing

2 panels fused, 1 showing, 2 still being created

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